Thought For The Day

All men and women are caskets containing the Divine Glory. But you love some of them as friendly, hate some others as unfriendly, and divide them into camps and groups. When someone is good to you, attribute that goodness to godliness in them; when someone is bad to you, be happy that you have given them some satisfaction, by becoming the target for their attention! If anyone harms the body, sages are unaffected, because they know they are not the body! If anyone tries to harm the soul, sages know that it is impossible, for soul is ever in bliss! By means of Sadhana, become that type of sage, unaffected by pleasure and pain, loss or gain, victory or defeat. Be a witness, a disinterested witness of all the gyrations of fortune. By means of Japa and Dhyana (repetition of and meditation on the divine name), attain oneness with the Universal Absolute (Parabrahmam).

- Bhagwan Shree Sanjaya Sai Baba